Friday, 27 May 2016

Should Fintech Companies Adopt DevOps?

Author: Mukta Aphale

 Let’s start by defining DevOps…

DevOps is a concept. “We have adopted DevOps” is equivalent to saying “We build software”. Except that software term was coined long time ago while DevOps term is new.

I would define DevOps as:
DevOps is what you do to with your software, so that you are able to grow your business, by overcoming the limitations of systems and infrastructure and also by providing the insights in the code to help in better development.

Concepts are good to begin. However you would be interested in how concepts can be useful in reality!
What DevOps is all about, in actuality?!

“DevOps accelerates your delivery process”. I guess this is the most popular and most accepted definition of what DevOps is all about. Its really cool to have an accelerated process. But again you would ask, “How will it benefit my business?”.

So lets break down the above statement in 5 fundamental aspects that DevOps can offer:
  • Accelerated delivery, with quality assurance
  • Accelerated delivery, with risk mitigation
  • Accelerated delivery, with assured security
  • Accelerated delivery, that can result in business growth
  • Accelerated delivery, that guarantees your product does not blow up!
DevOps can assure you risk-mitigated, accelerated delivery with quality and security which guarantees your product will not blow up with those hotfixes and helps you expand your business, thereby increasing your revenue!

DevOps for Fintech companies

I believe that the key goals of a Fintech company are:
  • Stability
  • Security
  • Compliance
A Fintech company might not be interested in accelerated delivery. They would consider stability and compliance over faster TTM. 

DevOps assures you of a stable code release. DevOps can help you catch defects very early in your release cycle, which can help save you money and clients.

DevOps assures you of quality and compliance. With continuous integration and continuous feedback, the quality of your product is maintained. It assures you that you are compliant and follow the required regulations. Fail fast is one of the key benefits of adopting DevOps.

DevOps is also a lot about security. ITIL and security are key considerations while implementing DevOps.

Yes. FinTech companies should also adopt DevOps.

A DevOps model for one product may not suit another. It is very important to understand that the business objective of each company is different. A web-based, media company might find business benefit by releasing 10 builds daily. However, a FinTech company might want to stick to 1 release per quarter. The advantage a FinTech company has by adopting DevOps is that it can help reduce bugs in production, ensure compliance and mitigate risks. 

For a FinTech company to effectively adopt DevOps, they should be able to align their business vision with the DevOps vision. 

Want to know more?
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