Saturday, 31 December 2016

5 DevOps Resolutions in 2017

Written By: Mukta Aphale

With the dawn of the New Year, Crevise would like to share 5 key points to look for when designing and refining your DevOps practice. As DevOps has moved from "good to have" to "must have" process, the year 2017 would see some changes in how DevOps is implemented. Crevise knows these trends in DevOps and not just recommends but resolutes to abide by these rules in the new year.
Read about our top 5 DevOps Resolutions for the year 2017. Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy New Year!

Unified DevOps Tooling Approach DevOps has matured today and is gradually moving from a niche technology to mainstream. However DevOps evolution journey has resulted in a diversified tool set. We see a number of approaches and tools in the DevOps space. Each tool has its pros, cons and a lot of overlap of features. Many clients ask us to evaluate one tool over the other. Trust me, it is a difficult decision to choose a tool, leverage it for value and stick to the tool to solve problems of the future. Moreover choosing diversified tools in your organisation would complicate the DevOps process and result in a bigger learning curve.We at Crevise recommend a unified tooling approach not just within your project but across your entire organisation.

Don’t Over Simplify or Over Complicate Collaboration is an important principle of DevOps. This is now understood and accepted. We see orgs applying this principle effectively. One of the problems with open communication is that it ends up with too many views on how the DevOps process should work. There is an urge to get all these requirements together into a complex DevOps approach which aims to over simplify the current problems. But hey, remember you need DevOps to make your delivery experience simpler and not to introduce additional complexities.Crevise recommends setting up a simple DevOps practice which would help you solve complex problems with ease.

Automate Incrementally The magic of DevOps in action is proven today. The result is - we all want more out of DevOps! A popular quote goes as “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four hours sharpening the axe.” But at Crevise we believe “Setting up a DevOps practice is like learning to ride a bicycle. You can balance only when you are in motion!” Hence each reform you want to bring in your DevOps practice, do it incrementally. It will help you track the changes and measure the value before you move ahead in building a more powerful DevOps approach.

Keep a Check on your DevOps Budget While DevOps help you streamline your delivery process, achieve faster time to market and accelerate deployment with quality, most organisations come to us today for helping them cut down their cloud costs. Even if you have a deep pocket, Crevise believes in frugality. You don’t have to spend a lot in maintaining a quality DevOps pipeline. If well designed, DevOps should save you a lot of money.

Plan for the Future A good DevOps practice helps you solve problems of the future. While the ROI in DevOps is difficult to measure directly, it helps you grow your business and withstand the changing pace of innovation and evolving market needs. At Crevise, we help you align your business vision with DevOps vision which results in increase in your revenue. 

Crevise Technologies is a startup based out of Pune providing expertise in DevOps, Cloud and DataOps. To know more about us, feel free to contact us at: 


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